Unicorn Legend

A lot of slot players love fantasy themes. They provide an excellent escape from reality on a boring day or simply just provide entertainment due to their interesting artwork and design. Unicorn Legend is one of these games and it takes us on a mystical adventure with the legendary creature in the hope of discovering some incredible treasure. The game does look decent enough fun so we decided to have a few spins to test the content and quality of the game so we can give you an informed review of whether this is worth your time and money. We had fun playing it and all the details are below.

The game has been created by the developers at PartyGaming and in all honesty, we don’t often encounter their games so we will use this as a benchmark to see if they are any good or not. On the surface, they look like skilled developers and Unicorn Legend looks pretty cool with some nice bonus features. Check them out below.

The game itself is structured with five reels and twenty-five paylines. Unicorn Legend includes some nice video animations to introduce to the game interface. You are immediately greeted with a bright green background with some fantastic immersive sound effects and the music really contributes well to the overall atmosphere of the game, making you feel like you are on an adventure. We can’t fault the music or sound effects and this is one of those games that you will definitely want to play with the sound on.

There is a free mode of the game available and we would recommend this for new players before they place a stake so that they can decide if the game is right for them. In terms of betting options, players can bet from 2p all the way up to £250 which is pretty good as it allows those on smaller budgets to take part and still play for real money.

The game stands out to us primarily because of its green background. It catches the eye instantly and makes you want to play. There are some cool animations of fairies floating about the interface and the reels themselves consist of a number of creatures and symbols including your standard letters and numbers and the higher value symbols comprising of owls, flowers and massive looking castles.

While the game excels aesthetically, decent bonus features are what truly makes a five reel slot shine and stand out from the crowd. Never fear as Unicorn Legend has one main bonus feature that will enhance your overall experience of the game. Free spins are available if you can land the unicorn scatter symbol on reels two, three or four. This activates the mini game and you can choose between 10, 15 or 20 free spins with varying multipliers.

The game is perhaps slightly limited in its content but generally speaking, players will be drawn to this for its fantasy theme, decent graphics and immersive soundtrack. We would recommend a few spins on this either on free mode or for real money as it is loads of fun.