The Snake Charmer

We don’t find anything particularly charming about snakes but thankfully you can enjoy this game from the comfort of your own home, where you’ll be safe from all things reptilian. This game looks like it has potential, so we spun the reels and enjoyed the exotic Indian music that plays in the background. It is a light-hearted outing and we managed to experience some of the bonus features as well. As a result, we have written a small review so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this deserves your time and cash.

The game is an older slot by Nextgen gaming but it still seems to be reeling in the customers. So overall Nextgen have done a decent enough job developing this five reel game, which holds its own in the slot market. The wacky theme is consistent with the companies slot strategy and we like it because it offers something slightly different.

You can expect a classical styled five reel slot with three main rows and a fairly standard twenty-five paylines. The game adopts an Indian theme with various characters playing music to lure the snakes out to help the player win big jackpots. There are some classic bonus features as well which we will discuss down the line and it really is the music that we enjoyed most and it kept us coming back for more spins!

The betting options are simple but we would advise new players to play the demo mode before placing real money bets so that they can experience the game first. You can bet from 1p all the way up to £50 so the flexibility is there for those that have differing budgets.

The design of the game is decent enough with India the main theme, as far as we can tell. The background is the night sky with some hills and a golden lake which is pretty cool and the reels consist of letters, numbers, elephants and barrels full of dangerous looking snakes.

In terms of bonus features, The Snake Charmer goes for two classic types. The first is free spins which are awarded when the player lands three or more of the snake charmer scatter symbol anywhere on the reel. There is no multiplier available but there’s a chance a will appear and expand your chance of winning the next spin.

The gamble feature is the second bonus and this is high risk for high reward with the game offering a playing card. If the player correctly guesses the suit and (or) colour then their win will be doubled or even quadrupled. This is a great feature for someone who is feeling lucky!

This game won’t blow you away but it has its charm, mainly due to the music and we enjoyed playing it for a while. The free spins land often so if it sounds like fun then check it out.